The Trail

Welcome to the Larapinta Trail


The 223km long Larapinta Trail is now a world renowned long distance remote walk in the heart of Central Australia. The Trail is managed by the Parks & Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory (PWCNT), whose land the walk traverses. Together with the Traditional Indigenous Owners, PWCNT make decisions on the sustainable management of the Trail. An annual repair and maintenance project is conducted by PWCNT rangers, and they are also often found walking the Trail during the walking season providing information and advice, checking log books and enforcing their by-laws. The Trail is managed under the Larapinta Trail Management Strategy – available on the PWCNT Larapinta Trail website (see our links page). Infrastructure and facility priorities such as shelters, toilets and watertanks are developed through an annual works program. The Trail is well serviced with plenty of environmentally friendly toilets (with toilet paper!), drinking water tanks at every trailhead, and several fantastic shelters scattered along the length of the Trail.